Power of Attorney, Waynesville, NC

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Power of Attorney
Are you planning to travel out of the country and need to enlist someone to handle your finances at home while you are away? Are you concerned about what would happen if you were badly hurt and couldn’t handle your own affairs? Or do you simply need to give legal permissions to someone you trust? Assigning a Power of Attorney (POA) is an important step in giving yourself control over many different aspects of your life, and at Woodrow H. Griffin, P.A., we can help you determine what options are right for you. Some of these include:

  • Limited– A Limited POA allows a trusted person to act on your behalf for specific purposes during a specific time, such as handling your checkbook while you are traveling or taking care of your second home while you are away.
  • Health Care– When you need someone to make decisions on your behalf during times when you may be incapacitated, a Health Care POA is able to address the role of your doctors, family members, and trusted friends to make decisions about your health.
  • Springing– In the event that something unexpected occurs, a Springing POA takes immediate effect, allowing someone to make decisions and ensure your obligations are resolved. This Power of Attorney does not allow your selected person to act unless a specified event has taken place.
  • Durable POA – Any of the Power of Attorney options can be made durable (permanent, or until revoked). A Durable POA gives a trusted person the ability to carry out assigned powers regardless of the situation unless you specify otherwise. This POA must be considered carefully to ensure your trusted person will act according to your wishes.

Power of Attorney documents should not be taken lightly, and you need a legal team who can help you find the option that best meets your needs. Our team at Woodrow H. Griffin, P.A. is prepared to address your questions and ensure you get the best results from your Waynesville, NC power of attorney documents. Contact us today to find out more.