Corporate Law, Waynesville, NC

Serving the Waynesville, NC area, we can answer any questions you may have about our corporate law services.

Corporate Law
No one anticipates their organization will have situations that arise in which they will need a lawyer to assist them with legal issues. The reality is that every organization should work with a law firm that can provide corporate law advice, no matter how small or large the issue. At Woodrow H. Griffin, P.A., our team represents many corporations, businesses, LLCs and nonprofit organizations with their corporate law needs. Our corporate law services include:

  • Creating, purchasing and selling businesses
  • Day-to-day legal issues involving operations
  • Contractual disputes, business liability, and actions relating to financial and business transactions
  • Business litigation and contract drafting
  • Creating sales and finance contracts
  • Arbitration agreements
  • Review and drafting of contracts and stock and asset sales
  • Lease agreements
  • Insurance claims
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Copyrights
  • Additional contracts related to business, LLC, and corporation start-ups

Additionally, we understand that disputes may arise between business partners, and we are experienced in mediation, negotiation and counseling during business disputes.

Whether you are interested in starting your own business, selling a portion of your business for profit, or need someone to assist with day-to-day corporate law needs, our team is here to help you. Serving the Waynesville, North Carolina area four five decades, our team can answer any questions you may have about our corporate law services. You don’t have to feel like you are lost in a sea of legal woes. Give us a call today. We are happy to assist you.